Surviving Peace


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Surviving Peace asks Israelis and Palestinians - extremely resourceful and innovative peoples in every other field of endeavor - why they suffer from stagnation of thinking, lack of imagination and innovation when it comes to achieving peace with each other

Director Josef Avesar draws on his experience as an Israeli-Jewish-Arab-American to probe the controversy and suggest a way out. Principal photography took place in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and the United States. The film delves deeply into the core issues driving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Does the movie take side? Yes. It calls into question both the Israelis’ and the Palestinians’ sincere desire for peace. Does the movie make concrete proposals? Yes. It proposes that the two sides, as well as the U.S. and the international community, all refrain from attempting to repeat formulas for peace that are proven failures. It proposes the creation of a third independent government, a Confederation for the people of Israel and Palestine, to solve problems together while each retains its own original government. It proposes constitutional arrangements that will enable the two sides to cooperate and even flourish together, without sacrificing core needs or their desire for national sovereignty. The documentary argues that the best way to resolve the conflict is to emphasize what the two sides have in common, rather than what sets them apart. No matter what your political bias, this movie will challenge basic beliefs in revealing a path to a just and lasting peace.